Yu-Can Coalition

Tracy McKeown
Program Director
(405)350-2630 x2731

The Yu-Can Coalition will promote healthy lifestyle choices free from alcohol, tobacco and other drugs for the Yukon community, focusing on students and families.

The Yu-Can Coalition was created in 2000 to bring the Yukon community together to provide young people tools so they "CAN" resist alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.  The Coalition also champions environmental changes so the community "CAN" also provide a healthier environment that allows our young people to thrive.

Substance abuse is not just a challenge for parents and schools.  Changing things will require the collaborative efforts of everyone in the Yukon community.  The very lives of our young people, our quality of life and the growth of our economy are at stake.  We all need to be involved.

The goals of the Yu-Can Coalition are to:

  • Establish and strengthen collaboration in the Yukon community to prevent and reduce substance abuse among our youth,
  • Promote and deliver effective substance abuse prevention strategies to increase students' commitment to school and academic performance, and to
  • Enhance community efforts to change societal norms that promote and maintain drug abuse among our young people.

The Yu-Can Coalition currently involves more than 80 organizations and individuals including students, parents, teachers, law enforcement, fire department, clergy members, elected officials and local businesses.  When a community rallies together, great things can happen.

How You Can Help:

Our work has just begun.  When you look at the numbers of students who engage in substance abuse, it becomes obvious that we need your help in our efforts.  Even if you don't have school-aged children, we hope you will realize that substance abuse is more than just a challenge for parents and schools.  It is a challenge for our entire community.  Join the Yu-Can Coalition today.

Join us on Facebook:  Look for the group called "Yu-Can Coalition".

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