Student Assistance Program

Tracy N. McKeown, MPH
SAP Coordinator
(405) 354-6692 x2731

Studies have shown that health related factors like hunger, poverty, chronic illness, physical or emotional abuse can lead to poor school performance.  We also know that health-risk behaviors like substance abuse, violence, and physical inactivity are consistently linked to academic failure and often affect student’s school attendance, grades, test scores and their ability to pay attention in class ( 

To address these issues Yukon Public School's Student Assistance Program offers resources and support for students and their families.  Our goal is to break down any barriers a student may have to learn and be successful.  The complexities of problems facing our youth today are alarming. Poverty, social and academic pressures, suicide ideology, substance abuse, grief and bullying are some of the issues students face.  Our team of teachers, coaches, administrators, counselors, and community partners have all come together to help students work through these issues so they can learn and be successful.  The Program contributes the following elements to the "Excellence of Education" in Yukon Public Schools:

  • Prevention and education for students, parents and faculty.
  • Provides support services in all areas of our student's positive growth and development.
  • Collaborates closely with the YuCan Coalition.