Bond 2021

It is only through continued community support of the bond program that Yukon Public Schools is able to make improvements and grow as a district. Thank you for enabling us to create a better learning environment for our students and staff.

Yukon Public Schools Board of Education approved the call for a bond referendum to be held on Tuesday, November 9th, 2021  in the amount of $194,260,000 with NO increase in taxes.

Two proposals for voters will be on the bond referendum. Proposal 1 will include projects for a new performing arts and college & career center, elementary school and playground renovations, a high school commons expansion, indoor activity center, along with technology, curriculum, fine arts, and maintenance resources and upkeep. Proposal 2 will ask voters to approve $4,995,000 for transportation. 

Yukon Public Schools continues to be one of the fastest growing school districts in Oklahoma and has the largest urban future land potential for growth in the OKC metro area. Because of the excellent education provided by Yukon Public Schools, our enrollment has increased by nearly 2,000 students in the last ten years.

Our focus as a district is always to first provide the best possible learning experience and safety for our students. School bond funds allow us to go above and beyond what we can provide if we relied solely upon state and federal funding. As a district, we will responsibly use these funds to improve our facilities across the board, provide safe and efficient transportation, educational software, classroom and individual technology, resources for the fine arts programs, security and much more. All designed to provide a world class education for our students.

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